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Asian Haggis

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This award winning product is a twist on the traditional haggis. The usual spices have been replaced with cumin, coriander and garam masala.

Sold in packages of minimum 454g which provides 2 servings.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Asian haggis scallop starters

Lucky to bump into the Findlays stand at the NEC Good Food show, tried the traditional haggis, which was very good,then to my suprise I was offered the Asian haggis, this is an exceptional taste, a must try to all haggis lovers. Thought I would share a starter we created for Christmas Day! Cut haggis into 15mm slices, creating a disc shape Seal off 3 scallops in a frying pan with maybe a little garlic oil according to taste Previously make an Asian style source thick enough to drizzle Place scallops on heated Haggis, then drizzle source as required As it was Christmas Day I stacked it up with a king prawn warmed in garlic butter All my guests thought it was exceptional Look forward to other ideas, hope you all try it Gary Thomson NE324TJ

Gary Thomson :: Jan 07 2015, 19:58 pm

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