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Gluten Free Haggis

5.0 average, based on 22 reviews


Product Description

This is a traditional haggis which is suitable for coeliac sufferers. We have managed to source a gluten-free oatmeal to replace traditional oatmeal and it tastes just as good!

Sold in packages of minimum 454g which provides 2 servings.

Customer Reviews

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This haggis is the closest I've come to the regular version that I loved. Ergo, I love this haggis. It honestly is delicious and satisfies my need to find the tastiest equivalent to what I used to eat pre-diagnosis. Buy this. You will not be disappointed. I'm also delighted with the sausages I've tried. Experiment. I trust this butchers products.

Fran Ingram :: Jan 17 2018, 22:48 pm

Gluten free Haggis

I can only say it's great haggis. Being coeliac you have to be sure and with Findlays of Portabello I am sure it is the best.

JAMES MCCURDY :: Nov 23 2016, 20:13 pm

Who needs gluten for great haggis

Going to website to re-order gluten free haggis I cannot believe that I have not given this a glowing review before now. It is absolutely delicious and my husband agrees who does not have a problem with gluten (or a wheat allergy as in my case). It is practically impossible to find this GF product where we live (Wakefield) so to find one available online and which is so exceptionally good is a double bonus. Thank you Findlays.3579

christine callaghan :: Nov 10 2016, 13:14 pm


This is the best gluten free haggis and absolutely delicious. Just wish you made a bigger size. Ruth This can be ordered in larger sizes if requested. Findlays

Ruth Sinclair :: Jan 26 2016, 22:53 pm


I've never had the "normal" version but this is absolutely delicious - highly recommended!

Fiona :: Jan 25 2016, 20:38 pm

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